Our Classrooms

Our Classrooms

We have three classrooms, each named after beloved Winnie The Pooh characters: Pooh Bear, Roo and Tigger.

Pooh Bear classroom supports our youngest children at Chantry House with babies starting from 3 months through to 24 months. Roo accommodates children from 24 months through to 36 months. Tigger classroom, also known as preschool, accommodates children the term after they turn 3 years old until they are ready for reception class at school.

Each classroom offers a variety of learning opportunities covering all seven areas of the curriculum while ensuring that professional love and secure key worker bonds are at the heart of your child’s journey. In all classrooms your child will have free access to a variety of self-initiated play and learning opportunities as well as some carefully developed adult lead activities to enhance your child’s ability to develop to their full potential while following their unique patterns of interests. We are also fortunate to have a spacious fully equipped garden with resources covering all seven areas of the curriculum for every age group.

Our experienced and enthusiastic team works alongside every parent to ensure the individuality of each child is celebrated whilst working with parents in making every child become a happy and confident individual. Each child has a Key Person within their classroom ensuring each child has personal planning that covers all the seven areas of learning that the Government requires (Early Years Foundation Stage). We encourage a partnership with parents.

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Pooh Bear (3-24 months)

Throughout Pooh Bear classroom we continue to support the transition from home to nursery life for both you and your child. We are very aware children joining us in Pooh Bear may have not spent time away from you previously. Our experienced team ensure a safe, friendly, caring and supportive environment to aid in the transition from home to nursery.

Pooh Bear class is a wonderful bright room where our youngest children are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of resources to stimulate and inspire their young developing minds. To aid in each child’s routine Pooh Bear class has a separate sleep room, fully equipped with cots. Children have their own cot and will be transitioned onto sleep mats as they begin to prepare for their next class.

Roo (24-36 months)

Roo class is our middle classroom equipped with wonderful resources that enable endless opportunities for the children to explore, create and follow their particular interests whilst in a safe and engaging environment.

As the children enter Roo class they have the option of wearing our Chantry House Nursery uniform. Although it is not compulsory many of our children love the sense of pride wearing their nursery school jumper/cardigan.

Children in Roo classroom follow a class routine which includes group time, meal times and nap times as a whole class. This supports the children’s social development being able to engage in group meal times and hold conversations during group time and meal times. The children have free access to resources that support all seven areas of the curriculum and will also have the opportunity to access some carefully developed adult-led activities both in small groups and one to one to allow the children’s unique interests to be followed to best enhance their opportunities to thrive to their full potential.

Tigger (preschool: 36–59 months)

Tigger class is our last class before the children graduate from nursery to attend their chosen primary school. Within Tigger class all children wear the Chantry House Nursery uniform.

The children in Tigger begin to explore phonics and mathematical concepts and progress towards self-regulation skills in preparation for school. They have access to all the resources that support the seven areas of the curriculum alongside carefully designed adult-led one to one and small group activities to support the children to thrive to their full potential and achieve school readiness. The children in Tigger class engage in group time twice daily where we explore phonics, maths, PSED and much more as a whole class.

Tigger class also engages in yoga, ballet, dance, workout time and musical mindfulness as whole class activities. Throughout the children’s time in Tigger class, we put a keen focus on moving from majority co-regulation to supporting the children to self-regulate and become independent problem solvers.